Graham Lambert . Born 1963 . Living in Didsbury, Manchester

Having no formal qualifications in art I have developed my own style and ideas over time. My approach includes a certain element of experimentation. The subject matter is mostly about what inspires me at the time. After choosing the subject matter I have no real idea of how a painting will develop and so I really enjoy allowing it to take shape without much of a pre-formed plan.

I like to find surprises in each work I do, for example an unpredictable relationship of colours or some unexpected dynamism, or a rough undeveloped area of the canvas that I may eventually decide to leave alone.

didsbury art show

I had recently been developing a series of paintings of my home street which is simply based around the appreciation of my neighbourhood, observing the changes that take place throughout the seasons and years. I felt I'd like to represent part of this personal experience in paint. The finished artwork was shown at the 2017 Didsbury Art Festival.


This is an installation commissioned by a new software company in Manchester. Thanks to Tim Sinclair for providing a quality professional digital image for the installation.

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